Rebel and Evolve: Moving beyond point-and-click by Anette Bergo

I don't want a web where I move a pointer around the screen for the rest of my life.

In 25 years the web has gone from a small collection of scholarly articles to a rich and diverse soup of information, games, leisure, and work. From accessing it with what pretty much amounted to electric typewriters, we now use a myriad of vastly different devices. Yet we still channel almost all interaction into a point-and-click analogue.

Responsive design has taken care of the many screen sizes, and progressive enhancement address the differing capabilities. I want to talk about the next step: All the wonderful ways in which it is becoming possible to play, talk, and move our way around the web. And how we, the people who in some small but significant ways decide what the web is, can embrace and exploit these possibilities.

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