Geography for Web Mapping: the Good, the Bad, and the Stuff You Can Forget by Camille Teicheira

Good news, you no longer need a graduate degree in GIS and cartography to make maps. But is only very recently that maps have moved from hand drawn to digitized on the web. There are so many high quality open source tools for mapping and working with geographic data, which do you choose and how do they work?

The history of cartography has left odd fingerprints all over the tools available for web mapping, and working with geodata can be challenging without an understanding of the implicit assumptions of mapping.

What's the difference between GIS and web mapping? How do I convert my data into something useful? What’s web mercator? KML? GeoJSON? Tiles? Like for bathrooms? Lat, Lon or Lon, Lat?

I'll offer insight into the common questions we encounter at Maptime SF, and some of the tools we teach including Leaflet.js, Mapbox.js, and Tilemill.

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